23 Years Later, Check Out Our Favorite 2Pac Songs

Today marks 23 years since the loss of Tupac Amaru Shakur, known to the masses simply as 2Pac. In honor of his memory I thought id share a few of my favorite videos of the late GOAT that was taken before his time.

I think i’ve played Dear Mama every year for my mother on mothers day. Tupac loved and honors his mother and every lyric from struggle to celebration let you know that.

Dear Mama:

All of Tupac’s songs delivered a message about life, love and his personal experiences, “Changes” is one of my favorite. songs because it reflects on the way life is but how things can be changed. He mentioned “we aint ready to see a black president,” we got our black president and as he called it, America still wasn’t ready. Its. up to us as a people to make change. ” I came from the gutter and i’m still here”


Consicous but can turn up. “I Get Around” is probably the funniest video is his archives. This video stamped what we see in hip hop videos today, with the dancing, personality and an all around turn up.

I Get Around

The 90’s some of the best songs where when they told stories, “Brenda’s Got a Baby” makes me feel like I know Brenda and her struggle. From the background vocals to the visual this story was executed and is still one of my favorite hiphop story tells.

Brenda’s Got A Baby

“They said the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I Said the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots..” Tupac always showed love to black Queens and “Keep Ya Head Up” highlights African American women and mothers giving their all and how much you should appreciate the value of women. Definitely a song black men should at to their playlist today.

Keep Ya Head Up

“Let me serenade the street of LA ! “ He did represent California he would not be Tupac ! California love repped every city in LA just as he did. Both he and Dr. Dre officially stamped LA with this one !

California Love

Rest in Peace to one of the legends gone too soon. Comment your favorite 2Pac song below to show some love.