Surviving R Kelly - Our Thoughts

Lifetime premiered the three night special documentary “Surviving R Kelly” where secrets expose the “truth” behind singer R Kelly relationship with numerous women, including Aaliyah, ex wife Andrea Kelly and many more. The 6 hour special expose things we never could imagine and things they kept secret for years.

When R Kelly’s sexually scandals first hit the headlines, we were not old enough to truly understand but after watching the documentary a lot of his actions were revealed through his music.

In part 1 and 2 of the documentary numerous people who worked very close with R Kelly shared, what shocked us most, his past relationship with the late Aaliyah. Now we do recall their close relationship but we what was news to us was the two being sexually involved and her getting pregnant. They also resurfaced their marriage certificate, where R Kelly marriage 15 year old Aaliyah and forged her age to 18.

In this interview, both express their relationship together as “fun”. Their matching outfits and her identifing 27 year old R Kelly as her “best friend in the whole wide world” is wide enough. As a female I know we don’t like to reveal our age, but knowing that she is started recording this album at 12, and all the tracks mention sex speaks volume to the direction the producer, R Kelly.

Another shocker was from episode 3 and 4, when they revealed 90s singer Sparkle, who got her break from R Kelly, 13 year old niece was the underage female in the sex tape. If you aren’t too familiar with the singer, she reveal that after the tape released and she identified the female as her niece, she was blackballed from Kelly’s camp. But her break out song was ‘be careful’ featuring r kelly (inserted below)

Though kelly was found not guilty from the trial that ruined sparkles family and her career. days after the documentary sparkle released a new single, so safe to say she is still pursuing her career though the timing of the released received a lot of backlash.

while r kelly aged through out the tell all, the females he called “the girls” reminded the same age, 16-19. all but one Kitti jones, who was a radio personality during the time she met r kelly. then, 33 year old kitti jones was the oldest of the girls involved and though she was aware of his past of being not guilty she said she continued to pursue the relationship. one REOCCURRING thing in the series between the females and parents of the females was them knowing of his past but “he wasn’t found gulity” overshadowed the reality that r kelly was the man in those videos and photos sexually involved with underage females.

after months of dating kelly, jones said she brought up the sex tape to kelly ad he later beat her and starved her (even though he told her he’d beat her over the phone for even bringing it up). According to the psychologist involved in the documentary, at that point women felt he was the only person who cared for them and no one would love them the way he did. JOnes age was the shock to us because its easy to control the mind of of child, but as a older women it showed how powerful he was to all females came across sexually.

while watching this 6 hour special i could not stop saying “my mother would never,” especially when the story focused on 17 year old Azriel Clary. the 17 year old was pulled on stage by kelly while at a concert with both her parents … strike #1. during that time no music that r kelly sung would let me bring my child to his concert (sorry you wont be stepping in the name of love) let alone allow her to go on stage. Clary’s father reasoning was “it WOULDN’T happen to my child, im here.” however, Azriel is still living with r kelly currently. strike #2 was allowing direct communication with a minor because she pursued music. according to her mother in the documentary, azriel communicated and met him in a hotel to “audition”. they later found out that was her first sexually act with him.

as MENTIONed earlier, Azriel is still one of kelly’s “girls” and has not seen her family in three years. in the documentary her parents received information on where she was staying, by Dominique Gardner, one of the females who escaped after her mother took figured out where she was. Strike #3 for Clary’s parents is due to them knowing where she was but only throwing rocks at windows to try to get her out after cops told them they had no warrant. again my mother would never… no door would stop her lol.

r kelly is definetly the biggest blame for his actions, but the parents and the females are also accountable. This documentary thought me a lot and i hope that i thought others as well. Though i don’t have any children, i do have younger cousins and it makes me communicate with them on everything. We have to know our vaule and also what’s right or wrong. before we can expect someone to appreciate our value, we must know how much were worth.

Thank you for reading.

Nicquana Tashea